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Teck Whye Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
13. Jane had 600 beads at first. She used of the beads to make a necklace and 12 of the beads to make a bracelet. How many beads did Jane use in all? (1) 200 (2) 320 (3) 350 (4) 550 4 Ix 4 2 3x 12 14. Aticket fo
Jurong Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
42. Francis has a total of 77 storybooks and comic books on his bookshelf of her storybooks is equal to of his comic books. a) How many more storybooks than comic books are there? b) How many comic books are there?
Innova Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Ans: 3 John has $2 000. He gave 5 of his money to his mother. He spent of the remainder on a pair of shoes. How much did he spend on 8 the shoes? Ans: $
Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Prepared by Ms Doreen (Oct 2018) Eileen used some beads to make a bracelet and 2 of the remaining beads to decorate her art work. She was left with 1 of the beads she originally had The total number of beads she had used for her bracelet and the number of beads she had left was 209 How many beads did Eileen have at first? Model Drawing
Da Qiao Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Ans: $ Chris bought a pizza. After giving of it to his brother, he cut the remainder into 3 equal pieces and ate two of them. What fraction of the whole pizza was left? 2
Pei Chun Public School / Homework ( 2018 )
Ken spent Of his money on 15 calculators and 31 pens. The cost of a caiculator was 3 times the cost of a pen. He bought some more calculators with 3 of his remaining money How many calculators did Ken buy altogether?
Comments 3
Oct 6 '18 at 12:34
Hi Trisha, see answer inside :) If unclear, you can ask me in the comment section.
Oct 6 '18 at 13:43
GUIDE: The tricky bit is that it is 3/4 of the remaining money
Oct 6 '18 at 22:04
Ok thanks.
Admiralty Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
The  number of rubber bands Jessie has is 2/7  that of Henry.If Henry has 30 more rubber bands than Jessie,how many rubber bands do they both have altogether? 
Lakeside Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
23 In a school, 7 of the pupils are boys. 28 There are 300 more girls than boys. How many pupils are there in the school? 200 22
Lakeside Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
29 Emily spent of her money on a blouse and had $35 left. How much did the blouse cost?
Lakeside Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
In a school,-2 of the pupils are boys. There are 300 more girls than boys. How many pupils are there in the school? 28 7
Pei Tong Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
hes poss ible heh 4 aqom 62L 62000 cm3 A20x40 x303800 vett 02000-39800-2 6 100 0 Ans: 100ml In a nursery, there were 513 seeds, young plants and adult plants altogether. After some time, 3 8 of the seeds became young plants and of the seeds became adult plants, resulting in an equal number of seeds, young plants and adult plants in the nursery. Were there more young plants or adult plants at first? How many more? 2 eed S Adut Plants/ 40 7 Ans: Plant: AdutH plant more plants
Comments 5
Sep 20 '18 at 22:25
I think there is an error in the data given, my working is giving negative numbers which can't be the case, at least not for P6. Maelyn, can you check and re-post again. Thanks.
Sep 20 '18 at 22:28
Solving for Seed, I got 760!! Which is more then total...
Sep 20 '18 at 22:28
This is the question given by teacher. 9/40 seeds left and is equal to 171. Calculated original no. of seeds is 760 which exceeded total no. of 513.
Sep 20 '18 at 22:29
Same results here
Sep 20 '18 at 22:30
I used 40 parts for Seed also.
Xingnan Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Xinmin Primary School / Others ( 2018 )
Confused. When do we need to change the denomiator to the same and when to let it remain as it is?37. Haoyan had 272 paper clips. He gave of them to Isaac. He then gave remaining paper clips to Prateek. How many paper clips had he left? of the 4 Dato No erot pair of Shots He had 36 eft. toa imuch did ke pay fe r the shirt Date No.
Comments 6
Sep 14 '18 at 18:02
Hi Yanz, it will be best if you can post the 2 questions separately. In that way the system can categorise your question more effectively, thanks :)
Sep 14 '18 at 18:17
Hi, what I wana ask is not the answer, but why... as in why sometimes we need to change the denominator to the same and why sometimes need not? Like the 2 questions i posted as examples. What is the rationale here? :) thanks!
Sep 14 '18 at 18:34
Yeah, ok... I didn't see that
Sep 14 '18 at 18:37
For the paper clip question, we need to find a part of a part and for that we are multiplying the fractions to get the answer. If you take 1/4 from 1/4, you have 1/16. Because you are taking 1 part of 16 parts.
Sep 14 '18 at 18:44
For the shirt question we are subtracting fractions (as oppose to multiplying fractions) so we change the denominator to be the same. So the simplest answer to your question is that we we multiply fractions we don't have to equate the denominator, but when we add / subtract fractions, then we do.
Sep 14 '18 at 21:35
😀 thanks for the explaination!
Greenwood Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
There are 36 members. 78 of the men is equal to 710 of the women. What fraction of the total members are men?
Zhenghua Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
mr one bought some mooncakes14 of the mooncakes were single-yolk.18of the mooncakes were double-yolk.The remainder were equal number of pure yam paste and pure lotus paste mooncakes.There were 10 pure lotus paste mooncakes.How many mooncakes did Mr One buy?
Telok Kurau Primary School / Others ( 2018 )
Punggol Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Express 596900 as a percentage.
Rosyth School / CA2 ( 2016 )
12 (d) 827 8-2 -821 24 10 24 3, 43 4 2 42-3 = 4.9 5 15 Siti walked km. 2 1 45 5 2 10 10 1 kg of prawns were left uncooked = 0.9 4 Siti covered a total distance of 0.9 km. 12. Mrs/ Nilla bought 9 kg of grapes. She gaveof the grapes to Jia En and kg of it to her neighbour. How many kilogrammes of grapes did she give away?
Comments 2
Aug 22 '18 at 14:27
GUIDE: note that it is 1/4kg to neighbour and not 1/4 (tricky bit)
Aug 22 '18 at 14:32
Thank you
Beacon Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Nurul baked some cookies. After giving 18 of the cookies to her friends and 3 jars containing 45 cookies each to her aunt, she had 2 of her cookies left. How many cookies did she bake?
Palm View Primary School / SA2 ( 2017 )
6. At a florist, roses are sold at 4 stalks for $9 while camations are sold at 7 stalks for $6. Mrs Ting bought an equal number of stalks of roses and arnations. She spent $117 more on the roses. (x How many stalks of flowers did she buy altogether? Her sister visited the same florist and spent an equal amount of money on the stalks of roses and carnations. What fraction of the stalks of flowers she bought were roses? b)
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