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Cantonment Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Find the number of squares of sides 3cm that can be cut from a rectangular cardboard of dimensions 33cm by 27.If each square is decorated with lace on the edges, what will be the cost of lace used? ( 1cm of lace costs $ 0.35)
Bukit Panjang Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
5 Pail ml Ans: I, Anna finished doing her homework at On a certain day after sch time shown in the clock. oo 31. 12 10 8 4 If the minute hand had gone through 3 right angles since Anna started doing her homework, at what time did she start? Ans: O Educational Publishing House Pte Ltd p.m. 110
Catholic High / SA2 ( 2017 )
gure ABCD is made up of 3 identical smaller rectangles. The perimeter of figure ABCD is 120 cm. (a) Find the length BC. (b) Find the area of figure ABCD.
Raffles Girls’ Primary School / SA2 ( 2017 )
The length of a rectangle is 3 times its breadth.Its area is 108cm2. What is the length?
Innova Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
The volume of a cube is 512 cm3. Find the length of the cube. Ans: 9
Clementi Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Kheng Cheng School / Homework ( 2018 )
help im dieing
Comments 1
Oct 8 '18 at 17:15
Hi Mew, please post your question here and get help fast :)
Tao Nan School / Others ( 2017 )
10. The figure below shows 2 similar rectangles overlapping each other. The area of the shaded figure is 1/4 the area of the total figure. Find the area of the figure. 5 cm
Admiralty Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Figure ABCDE has an area of 26 cm2 ABD and CBE are straight lines. Find the area of the shaded triangle BDE. 4 cm 5 cm 8 cm
Comments 1
Oct 2 '18 at 23:18
Hi Patrick, I might be wrong, but is there some missing info to this question? Please post your answer when you solve it :)
Lakeside Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
A retanguliar Find the strip of paper was folded as shown. perimeter of the rectangular strip of paper before it was folde 2 cm
Comments 1
Oct 2 '18 at 14:06
GUIDE: "unfold" the strip of paper to see the strip before folding, then solve
Chua Chu Kang Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
oucher 北北北 版權所有仿冒必究 Draw a parallelogram EFGH in which FG = 6 cm, GH = 8 cm and (5) Sketch of parallelogram EFGH FGH = 50。 147 Lesson 3 Drawing Four-sided Figures
Comments 1
Oct 1 '18 at 19:51
Sorry.Can`t draw it that accurate. :(
Concord Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
The time in country A was 17 00 while the time in country B was 03 00 on the same day.Miko left country A at 14 00 on Tuesday and travelled for 20 h before arriving at country B. Find the time and day when Miko reached country B. (Using 24-hour notation for the time. Spell out the day in full. For example "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday" etc)
Methodist Girls' School (Primary) / Others ( 2018 )
is the centre of the large circle and AO is the diameter of the small circle The diameter of the large circle is 2 times the diameter of the smal circle The circumferences of the big and small circles meet each other at point A The perimeter of the shaded small circle? figure is 30π cm, what is the diameter of the
Lakeside Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
A rectangular plot of land has an area of 72 m2 The length of the plot of land is twice its breadth. Find the breadth of the plot of land. Area 72 m2 L 36 36 -2 8x36
Chongfu Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Chongfu Primary School / Others ( 2018 )
7. The exterior of a 5-cm cube as shown below (including/the bottom) is painted grey. The bigger cube is then separated into individual 1-cm cubes. (Ö) How many 1-cm cubes do not have grey paint on any of its faces? (i) How many 1-cm cubes have at least one grey face on it? 5x5129 4x446 Ans: (i) Page 4 of 12
Ngee Ann Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
47. Winnie wanted to pour some juice into bottles. A small bottle has a capacity of 530 ml while a big bottle has a capacity of 610 ml. She has an equal number of small bottles and big bottles. If she pours the juice into only small bottles, she would have 110 ml of juice left. If she pours the juice into only big bottles, she would need 370 ml more juice to completely fill the last big bottle. How much juice did she have? (Leave your answer in millilitres.) Do not write in this space
Henry Park Primary School / Others ( 2018 )
The figure shows a rectangular grass patch and an L-shaped footpath. The width of the footpath is 100 cm. The footpath is tiled using 38 circular tiles of diameter 50 cm, following the pattern shown below. Each tile is in contact with those next to it. 100 cm grass patch TTYTTTTTT footpath 100 cm What is the area of the footpath not covered by the tiles? Take 3.14. (a) (b) What is the perimeter of the grass patch?
Yumin Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Tank X was empty. Tank Y was filled with water to the brim. Then, Tap A Do not write was turned on to fill Tank X and Tap B was turned on to drain water from in this spac Tank Y. Both taps were turned on at the same time with water flowing at the same rate of 2.8 litres per minute. How long did it take for the height of water to be the same in both tanks? Tap A 70 cm 34 cm Tap B #20 cm 14 cm 50 cm ←50 cm Tank X Tank Y
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