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Tampines North Primary School / Homework ( 2019 )
Jane had $70 and her sister had $20. After their parents gave each of them an equal amount of money, Jane had twice as much as her sister. How much did their parents give each of them? 2.
Clementi Primary School / Homework ( 2019 )
Galvin bought 3 as many non-fiction books as fiction books from a book fair. He read 6 non-fiction books and 13 fiction books. He then had 3 as many non-fiction books left to read as fiction books. How many books did Galvin buy altogether? 4
Clementi Primary School / Homework ( 2019 )
Ethan had some solid-coloured socks and patterned socks. He had 3 as many solid-coloured socks as patterned socks. He threw away 16 pairs of solid-coloured socks and 16 pairs of patterned socks. 1 of his socks were now solid-coloured socks. How many pairs of patterned socks did Ethan have at first?
Park View Primary School / Homework ( 2019 )
Umm,please help with me with this:Mr Lee is 56 years old.His nephew, Sam, is 4 years old.In how many years' time will Mr Lee be 5 times as old as his nephew, Sam?
Woodgrove Primary School / Homework ( 2019 )
MP Programme_Math Department TIW4 5. Mr Chan bought a sofa, a table and a cupboard for $1320 altogether. The cupboard cost S142 more than the sofa. The table cost $97 less than the sofa. What was the cost of the table?
Chongzheng Primary School / Homework ( 2019 )
what is 4( )4( )4( )4(  )4=7
St Gabriel’s Primary School / Homework ( 2019 )
Mrs Tan is 40 yrs old and her daughter is 16 yrs old  now. How old was her daughter when Mrs Tan was 3 times as old as her daughter?
Punggol Green Primary School / Homework ( 2019 )
xpees rien Solve the word problems. Show your workings and statements clearly. There are two 2-digit numbers. One of the numbers is 3 times the other number There are only six common factors Four of the common factors are 1, 2, 3 and 4. (a) Find the other two common factors. (b) Find the two 2-digit numbers. 1. 2. Mr Lim wanted to pack 48 egg sandwiches and 72 chicken sandwiches into as many boxes as possible with no remainder. He packed the same number of sandwiches in each box. The number of egg sandwiches in each box was the same. (a) How many egg sandwiches were there in each box? (b) How many boxes did he use?
Comments 1
Jan 27 '19 at 20:28
Can please help
Nanyang Primary School / CA1 ( 2019 )
Questions 21 to 30 carry 2 marks each. Show your working clearly and write your answers in the spaces provided. For questions which require units, give your answers in the units stated. (20 marks) 21At first, Josh and May had some marbles each. After Josh gaveof 4 his marbles to May. May had 3 times as many marbles as him. May then gave Josh 12 marbles. In the end, each of them had an equal number of marbles. How many marbles did May have at first?
River Valley Primary School / Homework ( 2019 )
Nora and aaron saved 4561 altogether.ryan and aaron saved 1523 much more did nora sabe than ryan?The answer is 1515 right?
Innova Primary School / Homework ( 2019 )
Best estimate of 388+8.3×7.87?
Wellington Primary School / Homework ( 2019 )
The price of House A Is $1,090,000.The price of House B Is $95,000 less than The price of house A,And $120,600 More than That House Of C.What Is total Price Of three Houses?  
Wellington Primary School / Homework ( 2019 )
Joshua earns a monthly income.Each month, He saves $900,Gives His Mother $1250 for household expenses. And spends the rest.If He spends $ 114000 in a year, how much Is His monthly income?
Fengshan Primary School / Homework ( 2019 )
there were 130 more girls than boys in the hall.there were thrice as many adults as boys in the many people are there in the hall altogether?
Admiralty Primary School / Homework ( 2019 )
Subject Seclion fo
Zhenghua Primary School / Homework ( 2019 )
Learningn cation centre 3. Clive bought an equal number of shorts and T-shirts for $100. A T-shirt cost each pair of shorts cost $4 more than a T-shirt. How many T-shirts did he buy? IT-0s 12 2Tb 24 4だ32 48 4 S 6 72 Ans: 5 shirts 4. Xavier bought an equal number of pens and mechanical pencils for $126. Each mechanical pencil cost $6.50. Each pen cost $4 less than a mechanical pencil. How much did she spend on the pens?
Admiralty Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Online Sum of angles in polygon 01 Q2 - Missing angle problems 8 Find the angle marked x in each of these polygons. International School Singapore | Seoeun, Katie CHO 12 41° Q2 70° 107° 23 8 142° 85° 126 145 33° 340 x= 141 [4 TotalI couldn't understand thi question. Can anybody give me these answer plz...? I really need to speed up
Meridian Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Timmy participated in a fund-raising activity from January to May. The average amount of money he raised for January and February was $583. The average amount of money he raised from March to May was $614. How much Fmoney did he raise altogether from January to May?
Comments 1
Nov 14 '18 at 0:48
GUIDE: answer inside is assuming that when they say average, they mean average for each month.
St Stephen’s School / Homework ( 2018 )
10. Muthu had 10 coins and had 4 coi consisted ere a total of 28 coins. When all thel 20g co of 10g coins and 202 coins. exchanged for 10g coins, they wout How many 20g coins did they have at first?
Comments 1
Oct 27 '18 at 14:45
can someone please explain the answer with the working pls?
Innova Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
2 16. Joel spent $48 on clothing and $98 on transport. He then spent of his remaining money on books. After buying the books, he donated of the money he had left to charity. In the end, he hadof the sum of money he had 4 7 2 7 at first. How much money did he have at first? 448 (c) x Z
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