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Admiralty Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Online Sum of angles in polygon 01 Q2 - Missing angle problems 8 Find the angle marked x in each of these polygons. International School Singapore | Seoeun, Katie CHO 12 41° Q2 70° 107° 23 8 142° 85° 126 145 33° 340 x= 141 [4 TotalI couldn't understand thi question. Can anybody give me these answer plz...? I really need to speed up
Meridian Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Timmy participated in a fund-raising activity from January to May. The average amount of money he raised for January and February was $583. The average amount of money he raised from March to May was $614. How much Fmoney did he raise altogether from January to May?
Comments 1
Nov 14 '18 at 0:48
GUIDE: answer inside is assuming that when they say average, they mean average for each month.
St Stephen’s School / Homework ( 2018 )
10. Muthu had 10 coins and had 4 coi consisted ere a total of 28 coins. When all thel 20g co of 10g coins and 202 coins. exchanged for 10g coins, they wout How many 20g coins did they have at first?
Comments 1
Oct 27 '18 at 14:45
can someone please explain the answer with the working pls?
Innova Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
2 16. Joel spent $48 on clothing and $98 on transport. He then spent of his remaining money on books. After buying the books, he donated of the money he had left to charity. In the end, he hadof the sum of money he had 4 7 2 7 at first. How much money did he have at first? 448 (c) x Z
CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh) / Homework ( 2018 )
leonard has more than 13 but less than 26 toy cars. the sum of the two digits in the number is 6 and the product is 8. how many toy cars does he have?
Rosyth School / Others ( 2018 )
Box A contains 50-cent coins and Box B contains 20-cent coins. Box B has twice as many coins as Box A. The amount of money in Box A is $1.40 more than the amount of money in Box B. (a) How many 20-cent coins are there? (b) How much money is in both boxes altogether?
Tanjong Katong Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Olivia had 176 books and Dawn had 80 books.After each of them donated an equal number of books to an orphanage, Olivia had 5 times as many books as Dawn left. How many books did each of them donate ?
Comments 3
Oct 19 '18 at 0:11
GUIDE: draw a bar model to show amount donated and remainder, then solve.
Oct 19 '18 at 0:28
understood how you solved it. thank you very much
Oct 19 '18 at 0:29
understood how you solved it. thank you very much
St Anthony’s Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
SAPS 2017 P4 MATHEMATICS END-OF-YEAR EXAMINATION 44. There are 380 workers in Factory A and Factory B. There are 740 workers in Factory B and Factory C There are 3 times as many workers in Factory C as Factory A. How many workers are there in Factory C?
Clementi Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Mrs Tan bought some goldfish and angelfish. She paid $1134 for 60 fishes. Each goldfish cost $28 and each angelfish cost $7. How many goldfish did Mrs Tan buy?
Clementi Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
The average height of a group of girls was 155 cm. When 15 boys joined the group, the average height became 158 cm. Given that the average height of the 15 boys was 165 cm, find the number of girls in the group. 14.
Comments 1
Oct 9 '18 at 20:37
Henry-M, thanks for your answer
Lianhua Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Study the pattern carefully. 2 rle Pattern 1 Pattern 2 Pattern 3 Pattern 4 Sar are there in Pattern 6? (a) How many b) How many are there in total in Pattern 30? and (c) Which pattern has 1111 O
Pei Chun Public School / Homework ( 2018 )
2.8 kg of sugar is mixed with 4.65 kg of cocoa powder. The mixture is then packed into packets of 35 g each. (a) How many 35-g packets are there? b) How many grams of the mixture are left over?
Da Qiao Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
There are 4 ice cream flavours at a dessert shop. The f lavours are chocolate, strawberry, vanila and mango. Gabby wants to mix two different flavours for her ice cream. How many ways can she do that?
Seng Kang Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Ans: cn ns 21 to 30 carry 2 marks each. Show your working clearly and wri swers in the spaces provided. For questions which require units, ur answers in the units stated. The use of calculators is not allowe 2 mugs and 8 plates cost $114 A plate costs $3 more than a mug How:much does a mug cost? Ans: $ nd 15 Give your answer as a decimal
S'pore Chinese Girls' (Primary) / Others ( 2017 )
Pauline had some money. She spent $29.90 and of her remaining money on some books. She then spent of what she had left on her lunch. In the end, she realisod that she had of her money left. (a) How much money did Pauline have in the end? 5 3 7 3 (b) How many books did she buy lf each book costs $5.75?
Comments 1
Oct 2 '18 at 14:29
Hi Martin, I got 2.8 books which is obviously wrong (haha). What's your answer?
Lianhua Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
ookletB/2016 LHPS/PA A baker baked 3 types of pastries -tarts, puffs and pies. He baked the same number of each type of pastries. After 48 puffs, some tarts and some sold, there were 47 pastries left. There were three times as many puffs as tarts left. The number of puffs sold was 12 more than the number of pies sold. How many puffs were left? (4 marks) Bie Puff 473
Lakeside Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
15 4 of a number is 56. What is the number?
Clementi Primary School / Homework ( 2018 )
Mr Lee baked 185 more chicken pies than tuna pies. After selling of the chicken pies and half of the tuna pies, he had 146 pies left. How many pies did he sell? 69 Answer
Methodist Girls' School (Primary) / Others ( 2018 )
7. The cost of each dinner bento set was $8. For every 10 sets bought, one set would be given free. A group of people paid a total of $264. Each person had bought 1 bento set. How many people were there in the group?
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