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4 weeks ago
Quesnan Na, :1 we Imeaaun shawsme numbevm banks mama: man we lmvavymzm :anuamamnaum me Imal numbev at banks mama: m Febmavyand lune wave nm lemma! m we may Whal Iranian at me Imal numbev at banks mama: m Febmaryand lune wave lemma}? (Glue yum answev m “3 slmulesl firm] 1 ‘g E...(view more)

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Test Question: Hours, minutes, clock, how long. 45 min

Test: How many money  $\frac{2}{3}+2=2-5^{\circ}3\%2$23 +2=2−5∘3%2  

2365 is the smallest 4 digit odd number that can be made using the digits.

just Draw a straight line that is longer than the given ice cream stick
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